Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chef Bradley Lean Mean Ketchup

While cruising on the cooking message board on like to frequent someone made mention of a blog by Blake Killian known as Blake Makes. Blake's blog not only has some great recipes and ideas but he also leads a group known as Sooper hero's that test products Blake has been given and then blog about their experiences. I was lucky enough to take part in my first Sooper Hero event recently. I was selected to try a jar of Chef Bradley's Lean Mean Ketchup. Chef Bradley's products are lower in carbohydrates which made this challenge awesome for me as I am trying to modify my diet to a lower Carb, lower GI diet type.

As you can see in the picture above, I thought what better way to try this special Ketchup than with a classic burger and tater rounds. The sauce was AWESOME, it was tangy and had a little bit of bite that was great on the burger and rounds. I would recommend this Ketchup to anyone and everyone....

You can find Chef Bradley's Sauces here.

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